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At Fortify Optimal Health, we empower people to improve their physical and mental health to optimize their quality of life and performance.
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Annie Hancock


Annie is a Family Nurse Practitioner, dedicated to comprehensive healthcare. With a Master's of Science in Nursing from South University (2016) and a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from Idaho State University (2012), she brings extensive knowledge and expertise to her practice.

Annie Hancock of Fortify Optimal Health with her dogs and daughter.
Annie Hancock

Driven by the desire to provide holistic healing, Annie embarked on a journey into neuroscience and neuropsychology in 2018. This pursuit has empowered her to better address the interconnectedness of the mind and body, and offer Fortify clients comprehensive solutions. Currently pursuing a post-graduate certificate in Trauma Research Studies from the Trauma Research Foundation, she anticipates completion in 2024.

With a commitment to advancing personal well-being through a multidimensional approach, Annie is dedicated to helping individuals heal and thrive both physically and mentally.

In her spare time, Annie likes to hike in the mountains with her dogs and spend time with her daughter.

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See what clients say:
Mike D.
Naval Special Warfare
Annie has helped me from back surgery to men’s health. She is a positive light in an often dark world. You can tell she really cares and wants the best for all of her patients.
Detective J. Vae'ena
Pocatello Police Department
The Fortify Optimal program for "Building Resiliency for First Responders" was a great experience to go through. They did a great job explaining issues that officers face because of being in law enforcement. The instructors did a better job of giving solutions to the problems that officers face. A great experience that the Pocatello Police Department had with the training was learning how these abstract ideas like trauma can biologically or physically affect the body and brain. We would recommend this training to anyone and everyone in law enforcement. We are grateful to have experienced this training and for the instructors of Fortify Optimal Health to take the time to train members of our department.
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Annie Hancock
Presentation on the Trauma Cycle
Presentation to Pocatello Police Department


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Annie Hancock